About: The Pastor Swordsman

I’m not yet a pastor. For one thing, my training for the ministry is far from complete — I still have a lot to learn, especially about the Bible. For another, I’m not a leader of a church, nor am I presently a member of one. And though I’ve received the call to become a pastor (and I’ve said YES to God about it), God is still working things out. (This call involves other people, and they have their own decisions to make.) As things stand right now, I don’t see myself becoming a pastor any time in the near future, for there are still many obstacles blocking the way.

The fact is, all that I can do right now is write. And all that I have right now is my blogging ministry — Swordsman of the Word — where I write personal essays and reflections about God, the Bible, and the Christian faith.

Yes, I’m not yet a pastor. However, my works for Swordsman of the Word — limited though they may be — are already that of a shepherd… of a pastor. I’m leading people to God through my writing, and these people need to be fed — continually and consistently. I have recognized this need, but this is a need that goes beyond the scope of my blogging and of my capabilities. (I’m just one man after all; there’s only so much I can do.) Therefore, I’ve created ways to lead my readers to other resource materials besides my own writing — first, with my other blog, Swordsman Community, where I curate select Christian resources; and second, with my Google Sites, where I’m publishing the Bible, some of Charles Spurgeon’s sermons, and a few classic devotionals.

All these works then, as you might expect, have already made me very busy, but God has shown me that they are not enough. More is needed. And that more is this: I need to take a more active role in this shepherding business. Because the truth is — ready or not — official or not — I’m already a pastor. And there are now people who are looking up to me to lead them. Thus this blog, The Pastor Swordsman.

What’s this about?

Like Swordsman Community, this blog is connected to Swordsman of the Word but is an entirely different undertaking.

Swordsman of the Word, by design, is limited to my personal essays and reflections, and is geared towards both Christians and non-Christians. It has this definite purpose of helping people know God more through his Word, and through my own life.

The Pastor Swordsman, on the other hand, will contain my pastoral writings that are less personal in nature (devotions, Bible studies, sermons, etc.), is geared mostly towards Christians, and has this much-wider and indeterminate purpose of being used for my pastoral ministry (“Blogging and Beyond”). What this blog’s going to be like some years down the road I cannot imagine. Only God knows.

As for the name, The Pastor Swordsman, it simply reflects the union of my work as a pastor and of my special vocation as a Swordsman of the Word. Catchy name, isn’t it?

And as to why I’ve set up this blog in Blogger instead of in WordPress.com like my other two blogs, well, the main reason is that I want to avoid confusion. The Pastor Swordsman will be a much different blog compared to the other two, and so it’s best to separate it. Also, Blogger is free without ads, and having my own blog here is a great way to reach out to the Blogger community.

For now though…

My life has been in a state of great changes for a long time, especially now that I’m still establishing my blogging ministry. I just don’t have yet that much time to write. And so for now my only commitment for this blog is to write devotions, maybe once a week, or once every two weeks. However, my devotions will be longer than what is usual, and so your waiting between posts will be worth it.